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Shangri-La Natural Therapy Centre offers a great deal to all ozone consumers with a medical health vacation in South East Asian Region, Malacca . It is also the preferred destination for those seeking for an affordable ozone therapy and vacation. We will arrange all the facilities such as accommodation, tranportation and tour guide while experiencing Ozone therapy in our centre.

The Ozone Therapy used in our centre is widely known across the border for its excellence in curing diseases. We provide the best service in  treating  the   patients  and helping them overcome their disease with no side effects. We are specialized in Ozone Therapy for high blood pressure, heart disorders, stroke, cancer, diabetes and a few other major diseases.

Ozone mainly interacts with blood components to produce its effects. It acts on red blood cells and increases its glucose uptake. It stimulates red blood cellís metabolism and make them energetic. It makes their cell membrane more elastic and pliable which means improved circulation. Ozone is a very energetic form of pure oxygen produced in nature. The new growth in rain forests and the plankton in the sea are continually producing ozone, which rises up into the stratosphere forming a layer which filters out a lot of harmful ultraviolet radiation. Ozone is also produced by industrial emissions, which does not rise up but causes smog and is harmful to humans and to plants. Ozone attaches to particles of pollutants and toxic waste in the atmosphere, oxidising them and thereby effectively neutralising them. Due to the enormous quantities of pollutants emitted by the industrial world, the ozone layer has become severely depleted, making humans more susceptible to sunburn.

On the 7th. July 2008, Melaka and Georgetown were listed in the UNESCO World Heritage Cities List under "Historic Cities in the Straits of Malacca". This is certainly an historic day for Melaka in particular and Malaysia in general. Melaka and Georgetown are recognized as World Heritage Cites and we must be responsible custodians of this heritage status.  While enjoying ozone therapy you can spent time by visit in person to Melaka for her history, cultures, food, spa, shopping and enjoy our friendly Malaccan hospitality. Best solution for those come from other regions. Its will benefits you 2 in 1 "Enjoy Vacation While Recovering".


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